WRAP- WPEC Resources & Assessment Project

Working Together for Excellence in Education

 Districts throughout the WPEC Consortium are being provided with the following capabilities and resources:



  • Sharing Capabilities throughout Consortium (multiple sharing options)
  • Teacher-to-Student /Teacher-to-Parent Communicator
  • Easy Retrieval System for Shared Items


  • “Best Practices” Bank
  • Online Content Creator & Lesson Planner
  • Proactive Resource & Info. Provider (relevant content will be e-mailed directly to teachers and admins)

Online Testing Capabilities

  • Instant Feedback of Student Performance
  • Full Analysis & Performance Suggestions
  • Complete Survey System


  • Standard-Based Question Bank (including "technology enhanced" items)
  • Formative Assessment Generator (tools for teachers to create their own tests and edit ours)
  • Pre-Made Quiz Bank

 Problem-Based Learning

  • Bank of Integrated Problem-Based Scenarios (all grades and core subject areas)
  • Problem-Based "Weekly Warm-ups" Based on Current Events
  • Wide Variety of "Common Core Thinking" Exercises
  • Online Capabilities for Student Responses

Future Endeavors

  • Creating a system of validation so teachers can access resources validated by a team of instructional leaders
  • Sharing SLOs (student learning objectives) for new educator evaluation system